Daughter Of The Amazon

$ 800.00

Muertita Sculpture

Daughter Of The Amazon is part of the "Tide And Blossom" family of Muertitas. She was born to the Amazon River whose life giving waters are full of beauty, life, and danger. She had been hunted for her knowledge, but because she cannot truly die, she remains between the world of the living and the dead, awaiting a home where she can rest.

Original mixed media sculpture sized at 22" wide x 24” tall x 12" deep
Materials include: Resin cast face/horns/neck, resin clay detailing, plastic beads, wood, resin, acrylic paint, UV sealant, epoxy glue, stainless steel wire, foam, styrofoam, synthetic and dried flowers.

Includes certificate of authenticity.

Photos by Christopher Rigg.


* * * * * SHIPPING OPTIONS * * * * *

You do not have to pay for shipping now, but remember to budget for it. As soon as you purchase her, we will discuss what options you prefer. I live in Southern California. I try to build these as sturdy as possible, but shipping them can become dangerous if not done correctly.

Only buy if you are willing to do one of these four things:
1. Burbank, California pickup during business hours. 
This is free. I will hold onto a custom Muertita for up to 6 months after the purchase date to have someone fly/drive out and pick up the Muertita by hand in Burbank, California. 

2. Southern Californian evening or weekend hand delivery. 
Live somewhere in Southern California? I have a trusted courier who can deliver to the door of your choice in the evenings or on a weekend for an initial $50, then additional $$ for gas depending on distance from Moorpark, California. This can be discussed.

3. DHL shipping with custom wooden crate - fully insured.
If you live out of the USA, or overseas, this is the only shipping option I will consider. I would ship to you through DHL. They build a custom wooden crate for the Muertita and fully insure it. If anything were to happen, you would be fully re-imbursed for loss or damages. Shipping within the United states for this large of a piece begins around $800. 

4. UPS shipping with sturdy box of rigid plastic, cardboard, and bubble wrap - fully insured.
I will only do this for shipping within the United States. I have my own way of packing a Muertita in a box, tied special so it doesn't get bumped or hurt. However, UPS doesn't always look out for the "fragile" stickers. I cannot guarantee there won't be a few lost flowers. The UPS charges will change according to your zip-code, but it will usually be anywhere in-between $200-$500.



If the Muertita has not shipped out yet, and you wish to return the Muertita, you may. There is a $50 fee.

I do not return shipping costs, or Muertitas after they have been shipped.

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