Summer Season Forest Creature Headdress

$ 260.00 $ 460.00

One of a kind, handmade piece. This unique headdress was made custom for my photoshoot collaboration with Tim Tadder called Las Muertas.

Antlers are sculpted from wire and air-dry clay, painted with acrylic and sealed with resin finish. Decorations are synthetic flowers. Details painted with airbrush and acrylic paint.

The headband is custom sewn with a fabric blend, and cushioned to be able to comfortably hold the medium weight of the headdress. Back strap is adjustable, so it fits most head sizes. It has a full coverage "skirt" on the back, so be warned this headdress can get warm. 

Perfect for an air-conditioned, indoor event like a costume ball, photoshoot, or fashion show. If you are wearing this at an outdoor festival, recommended use is when the air is cooler. 

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The box this will ship in is roomy and large, (20-28 inches all around) and will be fully stocked with peanuts and safety to keep things from being jostled. Shipping prices are based on your location, and can range from $80-$150 in the United States up to $300 Worldwide. It will take about 1 week to properly pack and ship, then it will take about 7-10 days to arrive to you. If you purchase this headdress here, there will be a free shipping option for you to select: "Headdress shipping: To discuss later". Within a few days I will send you an email with shipping options based on your location, and we can discuss details and further options if you need. You will also have the option for a free pickup in the Burbank or Ventura area (Southern California). I will also hold onto it for you if you want to coincide a free pickup with any travel plans.